Workplace accident in Virginia: Things to know!

Employers in Virginia are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for all employees, including part-time employees. Workplace accidents, unfortunately, are very common and can happen to anyone. If you were injured in such an accident, you can claim compensation under the Workers’ Compensation Act. For the unversed, this is a no-fault insurance, so you don’t have to blame your employer for your injuries, to get the benefits. Also, you cannot sue your employer directly, but there are exceptions. In your own interest, you may want to consult a Virginia Beach workers’ compensation lawyer, to know what your claim is worth. Here are some important things worth knowing. 

What to do after an accident?

  1. Before anything else, seek medical attention, if your injuries are serious. You can visit an injury doctor, if need be. 
  2. Inform your employer. This should be done in writing within 30 days, or your claim may be denied. 
  3. Next, file a claim with Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. This should be done within two years, from the date of accident. 

What benefits can you get from Workers’ Compensation?

Depending on your injuries, you may be entitled to different benefits. If you were diagnosed with an occupational disease, you may get lifetime medical benefits. Workers’ Compensation insurance also covers for wage losses. If the injured worker has permanent or temporary benefits, they are entitled to get Disability benefits too. In the unfortunate event, where a worker has lost their life in a workplace accident, the family (spouse and dependents) can claim death benefits. 

Should you contact a workers’ compensation lawyer?

If you are unsure of how the workers’ compensation system works and other relevant details, you may want to contact an attorney for help. Hiring a reliable workers’ compensation lawyer is always a good idea, considering that insurance companies often don’t play fair with injured workers. The claims adjuster may ask for a statement, and your words can go against you. If you have an attorney, they will handle everything for you, and they can negotiate on your behalf, until a fair settlement is reached. 

While employers cannot retaliate against an injured worker, these things do happen. Make sure that you contact a workers’ compensation lawyer to know your rights. Your attorney can also help in understanding the true worth of your claims and benefits you are entitled to. The good news is most lawyers can take such cases on a contingency fee. 

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