How to reassure staff after a break-in at your business premises

Although break-ins are fortunately much rarer today than they were ten years ago, thanks to improvements in business security, CCTV cameras and lighting, the truth is that they’re still a possibility. If your business has suffered a break-in and you’re looking to reassure staff that you are taking their welfare seriously, we’ve put together strategies to help you get started… 

Install CCTV cameras

If you haven’t already done so, installing CCTV cameras inside and outside your premises is one of the best ways to deter future break-ins and indeed show staff that you’re serious about their welfare and safety. The good news is that modern CCTV cameras are relatively inexpensive and you don’t need to pay a third-party company to manage them; instead, you can put your cameras on your smartphone and monitor your business, setting up alerts for motion activation when you’re away from the building. This can lower insurance premiums. 

Give them time to recover

For some employees, dealing with a break-in or robbery can be a traumatic experience, so much so that they need to take time off of work. Although their absence couldn’t come at a worse possible time for your business, suffering from the fallout of the break-in, but it’s vital that you show staff that they come first. If they need to take a few days off to get over the events, allow them to do so – and be sensitive when they do make their return to the office.

Offer counselling

In some cases, such as in armed robberies, offering staff counselling should also be considered. The last thing you want is for your employees to feel unsafe in their workplace, so much so that they struggle to perform their usual duties. Exploring the options available and at least offering an olive branch can work wonders for your business, boosting morale.

Invest in security services

If you’re concerned about future break-ins and crime at your business premises, then you should consider working with a company such as Precision Facilities Management that can offer security solutions such as key holding, locking and unlocking, CCTV monitoring, and even manned guarding. Granted, it’s an added expense, but it could save you thousands.

Consider security training

Finally, consider investing in security training for your employees. Do your staffers know how to react if a criminal entered your premises and demanded money or goods? Do they know how to lock up your premises properly on an evening? Are they familiar with your CCTV system? Training is a cost-effective way to empower your employees and reduce the burden on one or two members of staff. Training can be delivered externally or done in-house, too.

Do you have any tips? Let us know and check back soon for more.

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