Determining Liability in a Colorado Springs Car Accident

Car accidents are the main cause of accidental injuries in the country. In Colorado, these accidents are a serious matter. If you have been in a car crash, you may be wondering who is at-fault for the accident. Under state law, the negligent party caused the accident because of their unsafe actions or inactions. A reputable car accident lawyer colorado springs will walk you through this law and the complexities associated with it.

Exploring Colorado’s At-Fault Car Insurance

Fault matters in a car accident claim in Colorado. As with most jurisdictions in the country, Colorado is an at-fault insurance state. Thus, an injured car accident victim can hold the negligent party liable for their damages if they can prove this party is to blame for the accident.

Negligence refers to the failure of a driver to take adequate care in a certain situation. Every driver should drive their vehicles safely by following relevant road or traffic rules. Violating these rules leave a driver responsible for any damages sustained because of the negligent action. In a car accident claim, negligence can come in the form of speeding, running red lights or stop signs, following another car too closely, not yielding or merging safely, and more. 

To establish negligence, you need to establish the other driver engaged in unsafe conduct which caused the accident. But, because this is often challenging, you need to seek legal representation. 

Car Accidents and Shared Fault

A car accident can be caused by more than one party. The state of Colorado uses a system of comparative to recognize this possibility. If you have shared fault for your accident, you may still bring a claim for compensation. But, you will recover less than you would have recovered if you had not been at fault for the crash. If shared fault is questioned, the jury needs to decide how to assign blame among the parties involved. You must present the jury the evidence they must see to make the correct decision about shared fault. This will help you get a more favorable decision. 

If you have sustained injuries in a car accident, you must have an attorney on your side to fight for your rights to compensation. Your attorney will have to establish liability in the car accident and prevent the insurance company of the other driver from wrongly blaming you for the crash or attaching too much of the blame on you. 

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