How to Save Money in Toronto

It’s no surprise that living in a big city costs more than living in smaller cities and in the country. One of those big cities? Toronto. If you already live there, when there is a high chance that you are looking for ways to save money as you understand just how high the cost of living is. Today, iCash is here to share a few top tips on how to save money when living in Toronto. 

Grocery Store Savings

The first place that you should look to save money is the grocery store. If you eat meat, then you should only be choosing fresh meat as it will be cheaper (and healthier) than the frozen kind. In addition, If you look for fresh meat that is on sale, then you can buy in bulk and go home to freeze it yourself. Just remember to use it within the next few months.

In addition to meat, vegetables come with their own savings tips. If you’re looking for fresh fruits and veggies, then check into local Asian supermarkets. Often times, you will be able to find no cheaper food than at these locations. If you live in the city center, check downtown Chinatown north of Queen and south of Dundas.

Use Credit Cards Smartly

If you are looking for a bonus way to save, then paying for food and bills with a high reward credit card can be the perfect option. However, you should make sure that you treat this credit card just like a debit card and pay it off at the end of each month. If you do so, then you might be surprised at how much you can get back in rewards money with a credit card that fits your lifestyle. 

Complete Online Surveys

Another great option to save money is to use those recipes that you get in fast food places. Many times, the receipt will have a survey code, that if you complete, you get a free burger or meal next time you come in. If you eat out often, this can be a great way to cut the cost in half! Just remember, to bring the receipt with you next time should they ask for it. 

Minimize Wasted Money

While the above tip might save you money when eating out, the goal of any good money saver should be to spend as little money on extras as possible. If you are drinking coffee outside of the home seven days of the week, buying a luxury coffee maker and drinking coffee only at home could save you hundreds. In addition, making sure that you are not spending money on new clothes each week could help you endeavours so save.

Look for Help

If your need isn’t to save money, but make it to the next week, we understand. iCash is a payday lender that is looking to change the way people get payday loans and save money. With instant approval, you will be able to make it to the next week without issue. 

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