Get the landscape design for the house:

Everyone when they built their own house or owned a flat, they always wanted to know. That how this place will look when it is filled with furniture. So, for that one can a Landscape design [รับออกแบบภูมิทัศน์, which is the term in Thai] for their house or flat. By the landscape design, the company will take the 3d picture of the empty flat and house. And later on, decorate the flat or house with proper interior decoration. So, a person will get the idea that where they need to put money.

And also, which part of the house is needed to be decorated with which thing. This is very important for anyone to get a clear picture of how much money is needed in order to decorate the house. And which thing needs to be bought in order to decorate the house very well. Like teak garden furniture uk in the garden, and natural stones in the patio area.

Not only the new house but the old house too

The landscape design not only works with a new flat but also with the old flat too. First the company will take the proper photo of the house. And then repeat all the process just like the new house. And if there are some stuff are good then it need not be changed. But the old which needed to be changed then start Selling goods in Lazada Platform [ลงขายของ lazada, which is the term in Thai]. Lazada is the big platform for selling the old stuff online. So, sell those stuff there.

Get a good price

By selling the old stuff online one can get enough money that they don’t need to invest much in new stuff. So, it is a better idea to sell old items online and make some money. And later on use that money for buying new stuff.

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