Optimized Writing: Using The Character Counter For Your Social Media Posts!

The Character Counter Online tool is a tool that can help you optimize your writing and content for a particular platform. It can aid you in crafting your next social media post according to the character count limit of the platform you intend to post it to. 

It has separate character counters for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Without a doubt, you can create and write the best social media post that you want.

You can craft your next social media post on this platform. You can also alternatively copy and paste your post into the Character counter. You’ll be able to estimate and craft your next social media post according to the character limit. Without a doubt, you’ll be able to optimize the reach of your social media post by crafting the perfect social media post for each platform.

The Character Counter Online Tool

Optimization of a social media post or content is the best feature of the character counter tool. There are specific social media platforms that have a character limit in their posts. Subsequently, you’d like to deliver your social media post according to that character limit. This way, you can optimize your writing for a specific social media platform.

You’ll be able to see and use character counters on wordcounttool.com. It has a character counter with space and without spaces. These character counters will help optimize the content that you will craft with a specific character limit. Also, there are character counters for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The character counters for the three social media platforms also come with their character limit. For Facebook, you’ll be able to work with 80 characters, 280 characters for Twitter, and 150 characters for Instagram. Subsequently, you’ll be able to know if you’ve reached or gone over the character count for each social media platform.

Facebook Character Count

Facebook allows up to 80 characters in all Facebook posts. However, the social media platform will take any Facebook posts that contain 63,206 characters. You may wonder what the 80 character figure is all about. Well, 80 characters are the maximum characters of an ideal Facebook post. 

Any Facebook post beyond this ideal character count will have a higher chance of being cut off. Your Facebook posts getting cut off is the last thing that you would want. So, craft your Facebook posts short and sweet in the Character Counter tool. You’ll be able to convey a message with a brief yet strong Facebook caption or content.

So, it wouldn’t be wise to use up the entire 63,206 character limit for Facebook. You wouldn’t want your followers or Facebook friends to feel like they’re reading an autobiography or anything of the same matter. Without a doubt, you’ll still be able to catch their attention with a short but concise Facebook post that you’ll craft on this character counter tool.

Instagram Character Count

Instagram is one of the frequently used social media platforms that is gaining popularity. Indeed, Instagram is one of the most-used social media platforms and apps today. So, you’d typically want to optimize your Instagram posts and captions for maximum engagement. An excellent way to make sure your Instagram post reaches full engagement is to hit the sweet spot of 138 to 150 characters.

Like Facebook, it is ideal for your Instagram captions to be short and concise. Make sure that your Instagram caption will describe your photo or video accurately and concisely. You’d like to avoid being the person that writes a bulky and lengthy text on their Instagram post. We’re sure that you can squeeze everything you need and want to say in a 138 to 150 character Instagram caption.

Instagram captions can go up to 2,200 characters. However, using the entire 2,200 character limit will not maximize your engagement with your followers. Subsequently, you can craft your Instagram caption on the character counter tool and see if you’ve hit or gone past the character limit.

Twitter Character Count

You won’t be able to tweet out an autobiography or a lengthy message and send it in a tweet. Twitter only provides a 280 character count limit and going past this limit is not a possibility. The character limit for Twitter used to be only 140 characters. Consider this as a chance to convey your message in 140 characters more than the previous character count.

It would be unideal to use up the entire 280 character count limit of Twitter. The sweet spot for tweets usually ranges from 71 to 100 characters. Keep your tweets short and concise, and grab the attention of your followers through that short tweet! Please note that images won’t count towards the 280 character limit of a single tweet.


You can go beyond the character limit on Facebook and Instagram; the same cannot be said for Twitter. Likewise, it would be unwise and ideal to use up the character count limit for these social media platforms. 

You’d typically want to catch the attention of your followers and convey a quick message through your post or tweet. So, it would be best to craft and plan your next social media post carefully. You can craft and plan ahead using the character counter tool to optimize your writing, content, and future social media posts.

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