Meeting room helps to create a collaborative working environment

The meeting room is the place where important decisions related to business are taken. Hence, it is necessary that your meeting room creates a comfortable atmosphere for the attendees. Two main components of a meeting room are conference table and Meeting room chair [เก้าอี้ห้องประชุม, which is the term in Thai]. The number of chair required in a meeting room depends on the size of the table and the number of participants. There are different meeting room styles that you can use to have positive interaction amongst the members of the meeting.

Variety of meeting room setup styles

  • Theatre style: In this style of meeting room there is a center stage for the speaker. The meeting room is divided in the middle. It consists of a row of chairs facing the speaker. This style of meeting room is best for AGM’s, i.e., annual general meetings.
  • Classroom style: As the name suggests the chairs and tables are arranged in a row facing the speaker. The tables are used for writing notes during the tenure of the meeting. This type of meeting rooms is best for training.
  • Boardroom style: In this style of a meeting room, there is a center table that is surrounded by chairs on all sides. Generally the table used in boardroom is rectangular or oval in shape.

Importance of meeting room

  • First impression: Meeting rooms that are not professional make a poor impression in the minds of the attendees. It may become a barrier to the finalization of the business deal. Meeting rooms help the attendees to know the trustworthiness of the organization.
  • Host guests: Meeting rooms that have all the amenities create a welcoming atmosphere that is suitable for hosting guests and customers.
  • Establishes collaborative environment: Earlier the meeting rooms where hosted in the secluded areas of the premises. However, modern-day offices prefer meeting rooms in open spaces which helps to establish collaborative work environment.

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