How are Shipping Pallets Used?

If you are handling freight shipping materials, one of the essential things you should consider is the use of shipping pallets. Generally, a shipping pallet is a portable platform that is attached to a deck and superstructure to ease moving, lifting and storing different kinds of items for freight shipping.

The shipping pallets make the process of assembling, transporting, handling, and storing items easier, faster, and safer. So, if you are using shipping pallets, you may want to know how these objects are used.

How are they used?

  • Choose suitable pallets

The first process in using shipping pallets is choosing the ones that suit your needs. These pallets are made with different materials and come in various forms and sizes. The common materials for shipping pallets include wood, plastic, metal, wood composite, and paper. Out of these materials, wood pallets are the most common because of their cost, durability, and ability to support heavy weight.

When choosing shipping pallets, you should consider the weight and type of goods you are using them for. Also, think about the forms of the pallets which include block or stringer, reversible or non-reversible, and single or double face. Whatever kinds of pallets you want to choose, make sure that it is strong and big enough to support and handle the materials you are shipping.

  • Stack the boxes appropriately

For starter, position the boxes in circles. You should start the placement of the boxes from outside and continue inward. You need to ensure that the boxes are stacked in an orderly manner. Label each box with the information of the consignee and the shipper to avoid any mixture and ensure easy identification of the materials.

  • Secure the shipments to the pallets correctly

It is important to secure the materials to the shipping pallets properly. Consider utilizing banding or strapping to tightly affix your shipments to the pallets. The shipments should be affixed squarely on the pallets and all boxes must be prevented from hanging out of the shipping pallets’ edges.

Furthermore, use stretch wrap to secure the shipments to avoid any loss or separation of the items you are shipping. To secure the materials properly, it is recommended that the stretch wrap should be at least 60 gauges. This will prevent the load from shifting or falling off the shipping pallets.

  • Add the right label to the shipping pallets

Another important thing to do when using the shipping pallets is to label the pallets. Attach the phone number, full address and postal code of the consignee and the shipper to the shipping pallets. You should make sure that this set of information is written in a place where it can be visible to everybody.

With these tips, you should understand how shipping pallets can be effectively used for assembling, transporting, and storing your shipments.

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