The Special History of UMMC that makes it the Best

When the term UMMC (short form for Ural Mining Metallurgical Company) is mentioned, the first thing that people associate it with is top notch mining products especially coal, copper, zinc, and precious metals. However, its operation and success are also defined by its special history.

A History Defined by Unique Experience

Taking a closer look at UMMC history takes one back to the 2nd millennium BC when copper ore was mined in different sites including Gumishev. This site was rediscovered in 1702 under Peter the Great. The region became a strong mining area and finally saw the creation of the UMMC Group that was later incorporated into a company in 1995. The experience gathered over the years has ensured that the company releases some of the best products in the market.

To enhance its production, UMMC intensified its growth agenda to become the second largest coal miner in 2006. Note that the company manages different mining plants and subsidiaries that are involved in the following activities:

  • Metal working.
  • Non-ferrous metallurgy.
  • Cable industry.
  • Coal industry.
  • Precious metals production.

Special Commitment to the Environment

To maintain a positive impact in the society, UMMC’s history demonstrates that it is highly committed to environmental protection. Though many enterprises that were founded in the Soviet Union had little focus on environmental standard, UMMC has all along been working to improve environmental performance. Some of the efforts used by UMMC to demonstrate its commitment to improving the environment include:

  • Adherence to international environmental standards.
  • Commitment to Russian environmental policies.
  • A committed management and staff that works towards improving the environment especially in areas where the company operates.

Use of the Best Practices in the Production and Management   

The most notable thing about UMMC is its adoption of the best practices in industrial production such as progressive improvement. The company has stood out because of new technologies that are used in coal, zinc, copper and precious metal production. It employs clean and resource technologies, installs modern treatment plants, and uses the latest operation technologies to increase efficiencyy. For example, UMMC silver and gold are produced as by-products of non-ferrous metals processing. This means they are cheaper and of highh quality.

UMMC has stood out in the mining industry because of its unique operational design and relentless commitment to customer value and the environment. The rich history and commitment to progressive improvement policies imply one thing; the company can only grow bigger.

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