9 Flower Emojis With Their Meanings You Might Want To Know

Emojis convey the complicated feeling, to describe it in terms. They allow users to attach emotions to a straight message. In online marketing, the use of emojis, logos, and icons has turned into a trending topic, and even some products use so much emojis. 

However, some people find it unprofessional. Like for example, you’re visiting a site and you’re reading an article about norton mobile, an award winning  phone security and anti-malware app, because you’re trying to learn about how you can protect your mobile phone from viruses. If the site you’re visiting uses a lot of unnecessary emojis to explain the topic, you might think that this site doesn’t really seem credible and professional, because they opted to use emojis  instead of actual words.

Emojis however, feature so many kinds of feelings, food, animals, and many more. The Emoji keyboard also features several flower emojis to use. Here are the emoji flowers and their meanings:   

Rose Emoji

The rose emoji is usually used for Refuge, Mother’s Day, and other special events, such as Valentine’s Day. It could be intended to describe such emotions as passion and affection more broadly and often used as a red decoration or emblem of socialism.

Pink Tulip Emoji

The peachy tulip emoji is represented with a green stalk as one straight, rosy tulip. The rose emoji, typically utilized for Mom’s day, Valentine’s day, and other special holidays, are identical to this emoji. 

This emoji can be intended to describe emotions such as affection, gratitude, and joy more broadly and sometimes used as a beautiful peach color in connection with the country, Netherlands.

Blossom Emoji

This flower emoji is a blooming plant. Blossom emoji has a decorative appearance, like a daisy with such a stunning core, with petals that are yellow or white. The flower emoji is also accessible on Thanksgiving Day, the day for the mothers, and other special days. The icon is most widely used to express concepts such as affection, gratitude, and joy, and a white or yellow accent.

Sunflower Emoji

Sunflower emoji is a vast, circular flora with broad yellow petals. rIt is portrayed as a lone tall sunflower on a green stalk with a broad dark-brown base. Mother’s Day, as well as other memorable holidays, are widely associated with this sunflower emoji. 

It can be quite commonly seen in expressing these emotions of love and joy and even with summers and agriculture as an accent color of yellow. It can be used as an emoji, as a replacement for actual flowers.

Cherry Blossom Emoji

The peach bloom of a cherry flower-tree is this Cherry Blossom emoji. A full, luminous-pink cherry blossom describes it, which is on a white or yellow core comprising five outlined petals and red stems. In Japan, Cherry blooms, or “sakura” in Japanese, are a familiar emblem that is honored during annual occasions.

Cherry blooms are widely included in Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. It should convey concepts such as passion and elegance most commonly and is often designed to describe the hue with a pink style.

White Flower Emoji

This emoji is a stylized, white sprout that is usually portrayed as a red or pink cherry outline, also with a light fill. Apple, the WhatsApp, and the designs of Facebook have Japanese characteristics that are quite popular. Teachers use it as a badge of students who have performed outstanding research and always a red star. 

This flower is typically a white plant for Valentine’s Day and other celebrations. This flower can be seen to describe concepts like passion, joy, and attractiveness more broadly. It is also used as an accent piece of rose that is white or red.

Hibiscus Emoji

Pink hibiscus is a plant that occurs in warmer environments and is described as the deep pink, orange, and popular yellow hibiscus vine. This flower has been used often for Mother’s Day, among other significant events. 

This flower can be used to express your passionate love towards your partner. It is found in shades of rose, which is associated with Hawaii, Polynesia, and other traditions.

Rosette Emoji

This emoji is a rosette, a fashionable ornament structure flower that is sometimes portrayed as a ribbon and a military badge. Throughout past civilizations, this symbol serves as a reason. Rosette is typically described as a small, yellow-orange flora. 

Mother’s Day, and other memorable days, are widely associated with this flower. The flora of rosette can be seen more commonly when describing concepts like passion, joy, and elegance. There is also a pigment with a yellow emphasis.

Bouquet Emoji

The emoji is a combination of beautifully vibrant flowers, commonly described as a series of rose and yellow plants, including green stems. It is mounted around surfaces at different angles. For New Year’s Day, Mom’s Day, and other unique events, bouquets are widely seen. It can also be utilized to convey feelings such as affection, admiration, prosperity, and many more.


One advantage of using emojis is that they help save space, particularly for a word or character count. Some websites limit users in terms of characters for their tweets. It is to view the full tweet and to make it more readable. Emojis can be a unique language to express feelings or emotions in a single character.

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