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Once well dried, place your plant or plant parts in a paper bag or in a wooden or porcelain box that is tightly closed but not airtight. Keep your dried plants or plant parts in a cool room, away from moisture, until needed.

Use well: from preparation to consumption

Before proceeding with any preparation, find out the exact quantity of plant and the volume of liquid or solvent to be used as well as the quantity to consume and the duration of the recommended treatment. With the Daily iHerb promos Worldwide you can have the smartest solutions now.

The 3 Basic Preparations

To prepare your plants without complicating your life, know that there are 3 different modes of basic preparation. Some botanists and pharmacists group these 3 basic preparations under the generic name of herbal teas. These are infusion, decoction and maceration.

The infusion is the simplest and fastest. Either put the plant in boiling water, or pour boiling water over the plant. The mixture is then covered and left for a time which varies according to the part of the plant used, from a few minutes to almost an hour;

A decoction consists in leaving the plant or part of the plant in boiling water for longer periods, from 10 minutes to several hours. This process is used for denser parts such as stems, bark or fruit. Some decoctions are made with wine;

Maceration consists of bringing the plant into contact with a liquid at room temperature (water, wine, alcohol, oil). The maceration time is very variable, from 30 minutes to several weeks depending on the plant or part of it, the use, the liquid used and the use that will be given to the mixture.

Marigold solar macerate

Macerating medicinal plants in a base of vegetable oil increases the properties of oils. The calendar is recognized for its vulnerable, softening and healing properties of the skin. With the iHerb プロモコード you can have the smartest deal.

Other Preparations

They come from maceration, generally with alcohol and sometimes other solvents such as ether:

Vegetable dyes are liquids from the treatment of dried plants with alcohol, usually with a plant or alcohol ratio of 1or5. The final alcohol level is 60 ° to 70 °. The more concentrated mother tinctures are used in homeopathy.

Alcoholations are obtained by maceration of the fresh plant in alcohol. Their concentration is less important than that of the mother tinctures but their conservation is of short duration.

The extracts are obtained after evaporation of an extractive substance such as decoction or tincture. They can be of solid, semi-liquid or liquid consistency.

In addition, it is possible to prepare plants in powder form but the process is laborious because it requires, in addition to drying, fine grinding with a mortar or using a mill and then sieving. In addition, in the absence of “modern” packaging, the stability of “homemade” powders is quite relative and their lifespan shorter than that of herbal medicine.

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