How Social Media Marketing Can Change Your Conversion

Social media has influenced not only people’s forms of entertainment and leisure, but also that of the business industry. It has become a platform for businesses to engage with other companies and reach a wider audience of potential customers. Social media has innovated ways on how to market effectively in this modern society. 

In a study conducted by Statista, about 2.6 billion people worldwide are using social media in 2018. The statistics show that it has predicted that the number will increase to 3.1 billion when 2021 comes.

With that information, it is clear that social media holds a significant impact on each individual, which businesses should take advantage of. If you want to have more leads, drive more traffic, and increase your conversion rates to your business website and pages, you need to engage in social media platforms as soon as possible. 

Steps On How to Use Social Media to Change Conversion

There are tons of ways on how to use social media can change your business’ conversion. However, some might not be as effective as the ones we will show you in this article. Companies don’t want to end up getting an angry emoji rate from their customers, right? They would rather have their customers send them a flower emoji to show them how beautiful in general the product or service is.

Step 1: Establish trust and confidence by using social evidence.

As a shopper and customer, you would want to purchase from a trustworthy brand, right? With that, businesses should always brand themselves as reliable companies. Instilling trust can be tricky, especially if your brand is new to the market. However, you don’t have to do much physically to do so.

Putting up your credentials, certifications, and setting up social evidence can establish that your company is a brand that people can have confidence in. Users that are unfamiliar with your brand will most likely snob your articles and content, and it will only lead to a low conversion rate.

With that, you might wonder: “what should I do?” The answer? Your customers. You can still make your users trust your brand through customer-generated content, such as product reviews. Encourage your current customers to make feedback and reviews about your product. 

They see that there are satisfied and excellent reviews and feedback about your products that will have a positive impact on other users. Social evidence has a massive psychological effect when it comes to a person’s buying decision. When they see that your products have good ratings, they will most likely consider buying from you.

Another way of building social evidence is by investing in influencer marketing. If you have a bigger budget on advertising, you can find a famous influencer and collaborate with them with your brand. When looking for an influencer, make sure they have a vast number of followers that trust them. 

Step 2: Make and provide worthy content. 

When it comes to social media conversions, the content is what brings it to life. Without content, there is a lesser chance that your conversion rate will increase. Thus, you need to make valuable content that users can use as the basis for brand trust and useful to your target audience.

Let’s say if your business is more on keto-products, you can make content about the keto diet. It can be about what foods they should not take. To make it even more interesting, you can provide keto diet followers recipes to do at home that are keto-based. 

Solutions can be what viewers want. However, if you provide more information and content, it will have a positive impact on your business’ social media conversions. Also, in making content, make sure it’s precise and straightforward. The more accurate the content is, the better. 

Step 3: Understand every social media app and optimize it wisely. 

To get more social media conversions, first, you need to understand how social media platforms work. Each social media platform is distinct from one another, especially on its features. It could be that your content is successfully converting on one social media platform, but is failing on the other. 

It is essential to understand each social media app for you to use it the right way. For example, Facebook posts are more effective when it is video content. However, when you go to Twitter, the app attracts more users through images. Tweets that don’t have pictures attract fewer viewers than those that have images on it.

Step 4: Headlines should be enticing and exciting. 

When writing an article, you need to put a headline for people to read on their feeds. Headlines are the first thing that people understand. Thus, it should be interesting enough to captivate one’s attention.

Failing to have an impressive and exciting headline will harm your social media conversion rates. If you want to make your content clickable by users, your headline should be unique and should stand out among other headlines. 

You should always be creative when it comes to making content. When writing headlines, try to put yourself on the viewers’ shoes and think of a headline that will make you want to click on the website content. 


Social media is a useful and powerful tool when it comes to marketing. Your social media conversion rates will determine how successful your business is on social media platforms. It will also manage your business’s image online. Maintaining an active social media presence will increase your conversion rate and achieve success in your marketing tactics.

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